Current Issue

Vol. 5, No. 1, 1-22, January-April, 2014.

Study of Effects of Traffic Noise Pollution on Hearing

Mala Agarwal

ijCEPr, 5(1), 1-7, 2014

Keywords: Noise, frequency, hearing threshold, tinnitus.

Microbial Fuel cell: A New Approach of Wastewater Treatment with Power Generation

Sonal G. Chonde

ijCEPr, 5(1), 8-12, 2014

Keywords: Bioelectricity production, Industrial Wastewater treatment, Microbial fuel Cell etc.

Indirect Visible Spectrophotometric Method For the Determination of Framycetin with Periodate, p-N,N-Dimethylphenylenediamine and Sulphanilamide

Chirapa Kesava Srinivas1, N. Prasad Babu2 and T.Elisha Divakar 3,*

ijCEPr, 5(1), 13-18, 2014

Keywords: Pectrophotometer, Framycetin, DMPD, sodium metaperiodate, sulphanilamide, sodium molybdate, Buffer pH 3.0.

Laboratory Diet for Adult Eye Fly Siphunculina funicola (Diptera: Chloropidae), A Forensic and Medical Pest

T. V. Sathe*, Chandani Kamble and Divya Jadav

ijCEPr, 5(1), 19-22, 2014

Keywords: : Eye fly, artificial diet, medicinal and forensic insect.