Vol. 2, No. 1, 1-66, January-April, 2011

Synthesis of 2-Substituted-1, 3, 4-Oxadiazole Derivatives

Vijay V. Dabholkar and Nitin V. Bhusari

ijCEPr, 2(1), 1-4, 2011

Keywords: Diethyladipate, Succinohydrazide, Carbon disulfide and Cynogen bromide.

Molecular Interaction Studies between H-Bonded Ternary Mixtures of p-Cresol with simple Aldehydes in Cyclohexane at Different Temperatures

M. Aravinthraj, S. Venkatesan and M. Kamaraj

ijCEPr, 2(1), 5-11, 2011

Keywords: Ternary liquid mixture, Acoustical parameter, Molecular association, dipole-dipole interactions.

Chemical Analysis on Different Oils Use in Tyre Tread Cap Compound

N. Kumar, R.K. Khandelwal, P.L. Meena, K.S. Meena, T.K. Chaki, D.K. Mahla

ijCEPr, 2(1), 12-19, 2011

Keywords: low PCA oils, Polycyclic aromatics, carcinogenesis, PAH, risk assessment.

Infra Red Spectral and X-ray Diffraction Study of Fe (II), Co (II), Cu (II), Metal Chelates with N1-(5, 6-dimethoxypyrimidin-4-yl) Sulphanilamide

Jitendra H. Deshmukh and M.N. Deshpande

ijCEPr, 2(1), 20-25, 2011

Keywords: N1-(5, 6-dimethoxypyrimidin-4-yl)sulphanilamide, Infra red, electronic and X-ray diffraction study.

Comparative Study between soda Lignin and soda Anthraquinone lignin in terms of Physiochemical Properties of Ipomoea carena

Preeti Nandkumar

ijCEPr, 2(1), 26-29, 2011

Keywords: Ipomoea carnea, lignin, anthraquinone, black liquor.

Use of Millet Husk as a Biosorbent for the Removal of chromium and Manganese Ions from the Aqueous Solutions

Manju Chaudhary

ijCEPr, 2(1), 30-33, 2011

Keywords: biosorbent , millet husk, biosorption, Chromium ions, manganese ions.

Study Regarding Lake Water Pollution with Heavy Metals in Nagpur City (India)

P.J. Puri, M.K.N. Yenkie, S.P. Sangal, N.V. Gandhare and G.B. Sarote

ijCEPr, 2(1), 34-39, 2011

Keywords: Heavy metals, pollution, Lakes, Water Quality.

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices regarding Waste Management in Selected Hostel Students of University of Rajasthan, Jaipur

Lalita Arora and Sunita Agarwal

ijCEPr, 2(1), 40-43, 2011

Keywords: Knowledge, attitude, practices, waste.

Utilisation of Thiocyanate (SCN-) by a Metabolically Active Bacterial Consortium as the Sole Source of Cellular Nitrogen

Yogesh B. Patil

ijCEPr, 2(1), 44-48, 2011

Keywords: Biodegradation, Bacterial consortium, Diauxie, Nitrogen source, Thiocyanate.

Construction of An Open Loop Temperature Control System for Thin Film Fabrication in PC Based Instrumentation

K. Tamilselvan, K. Anuradha, S. Deepa, O.N. Balasundaram and S. Palaniswamy

ijCEPr, 2(1), 49-51, 2011

Keywords: open loop control, PC based dip control system, duty cycle.

Accumulation of Natural Antioxidants in Ferns Exposed to Mutagenic Stress

Alok Kr. Singh, Santosh Kr. Singh, Satish K. Verma, H.V. Singh, A.K. Mishra, Pavan K. Agrawal, Abhishek Mathur and Md. Aslam Siddiqui

ijCEPr, 2(1), 52-55, 2011

Keywords: Mutagen, Ascorbate, Proline, protein, Ferns.

Reversed Phase HPLC Analysis of Valsartan in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

V. Bhaskara Raju and A. Lakshmana Rao

ijCEPr, 2(1), 56-60, 2011

Keywords: Valsartan, Estimation, Validation, Tablets, RP-HPLC.

Nattokinase: A Review on Fibrinolytic Enzyme

Haritha Meruvu and Meena Vangalapati

ijCEPr, 2(1), 61-66, 2011

Keywords: Nattokinase, Natto, Glycine max (L.), Bacillus subtilis subsp. Natto.