Vol. 2, No. 2&3, 1-159, May-December, 2011

Mixed-ligand Organometallic Derivatives of Rhodium (I) and Iridium (I) with Triphenyl phosphine and 1-Benzoyl-tetrazoline-5-thione

R.N. Pandey, Kalpana Shahi and D.P. Singh

ijCEPr, 2(2&3), 67-71, 2011

Keywords: Organometallic derivatives, Rh(I), Ir(I), heterocyclic thioamide.

Thermodyanmic Properties of Binary Liquid Mixtures of Industrially important Acrylic Esters with Octane-1-Ol at Different Temperatures

Sujata S. Patil and Sunil R. Mirgane

ijCEPr, 2(2&3), 72-82, 2011

Keywords: Octane-1-ol + acrylic esters, transport properties, excess molar volume, isentropic compressibility, Redlich-Kister

Structural Study through Magnetic and Spectroscopic Properties on PbOTiO2- B2O3 Glass System Doped with Fe3+ Ion

T.V. Nagalakshmi, A. Veerabhadra Rao, N.V.V.S. Prasad and K.A. Emmanuel

ijCEPr, 2(2&3), 83-91, 2011

Keywords: PbOTiO2- B2O3, Glass System, Fe3+.

Theoretical evaluation of Ultrasonic velocity in Binary mixtures of an edible oil with alkyl Acetates

Suhashini Ernest and P. Kavitha

ijCEPr, 2(2&3), 92-95, 2011

Keywords: ultrasonic velocity, sesame oil, butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, chi-square test.

Effect of Ligand and Metal Complexes on Legume Seed Germination

Jitendra H. Deshmukh and M.N. Deshpande

ijCEPr, 2(2&3), 96-100, 2011

Keywords: Fe (II), Co (II), Cu (II) Complexes, seed germination.

Structural Study of PbO-NaF-B2O3 Glass System Doped with Cr2O3 through Spectroscopic and Magnetic Properties

G. Sailaja, T.V. Nagalakshmi, A. Veerabhadra Rao and K.A. Emmanuel

ijCEPr, 2(2&3), 101-110, 2011

Keywords: fluoroborate glass, optical absorption, Hurby’s Parameter.

Acoustical and Excess Thermodynamical Parameters of Sesame Oil in Different Organic Solvents

Suhashini Ernest and P. Kavitha

ijCEPr, 2(2&3), 111-115, 2011

Keywords: ultrasonic velocity, sesame oil, excess parameters, intermolecular interactions.

Biodiesel from Algae Oil as an Alternative Fuel for Diesel Engine

Niraj S. Topare, V.C. Renge, Satish V. Khedkar, Y.P. Chavan and S.L. Bhagat

ijCEPr, 2(2&3), 116-120, 2011

Keywords: Algae oil, Biodiesel, Transesterification process etc.

Assessment of Ground Water Quality of Bidar City and its Industrial Area for Drinking and Irrigation Purpose: A Geo-chemical Analysis

Shivasharanappa and Padaki Srinivas

ijCEPr, 2(2&3), 121-130, 2011

Keywords: Groundwater, Water quality standards, Water quality characteristics, Piper Diagram, U S Salinity gaph.

Wastewater Quality Studies of Influent and Effluent Water at Municipal Wastewater Treatment plant, Bhopal (India)

Ram Kumar Kushwah, Avinash Bajpai and Suman Malik

ijCEPr, 2(2&3), 131-134, 2011

Keywords: STP, pH, Dissolve oxygen, Biochemical oxygen demand, and turbidity.

Assessment of Seasonal Variation on Physicochemical and Microbiological Quality of Drinking Water at Mannuthy, Kerala

Divya Rani Thomas, B. Sunil and C. Latha

ijCEPr, 2(2&3), 135-140, 2011

Keywords: seasonal variation, physico- chemical, microbiological, quality, drinking water.

Production of An Indole Alkaloid from Callus Cultures of Salvadora Persica L.

S. Mathur and A. Batra

ijCEPr, 2(2&3), 141-145, 2011

Keywords: Salvadora persica, indole alkaloid, callus cultures, salvadoricine.

Correlation Analysis of Groundwater Quality of Bichhwal Industrial Area, Bikaner

Rajdeep Kaur and R.V. Singh

ijCEPr, 2(2&3), 146-151, 2011

Keywords: Groundwater, Bikaner, Physico-Chemical Parameters, Correlation and Regression Analysis.

Antihepatotoxic Activity of Hygrophila Spinosa Roots on CCl4 induced Hepatic Damage in Rats

B.G. Solomon Raju, Ganga Rao Battu and Manju Latha Y.B.

ijCEPr, 2(2&3), 152-155, 2011

Keywords: Hygrophila spinosa, Antihepatotoxic, CCl4.

In-Vitro Anti-Arthritic Activity of Methanolic Extract of Bacopa Monniera

Sharan Suresh Volluri, Srinivasa Rao Bammidi, Seema Chaitanya Chippada and Meena Vangalapati

ijCEPr, 2(2&3), 156-159, 2011

Keywords: Bacopa monniera, anti-arthritic activity, Diclofenac sodium, triterpenoids, bacosides.