Vol. 3, No. 1, 1-108, January-April, 2012

The Status of Phosphate (PO4 3-) Anion Concentration in Waste Water from Six Selected Undetermined Areas of Guyana using a Spectrophotometric Method

R.C. Jagessar and O. Alleyne

ijCEPr, 3(1), 1-11, 2012

Keywords: Phosphates, Orthophosphates, admissible concentration (MAC).

The Use of the Hultemia persica for the Removal of Toxic Metals form Contaminated Soil in Agricultural Land around Aluminum Industrial Complex

Samira Ghiyasi and Hamidreza Reihanian

ijCEPr, 3(1), 12-18, 2012

Keywords: contamination, phytoremediation, Iralko Hultemia persica.

A Green Protocol for the Synthesis of 5-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-3-Methyl-4-(1-Acetyl-5-Phenyl-△2-Pyrazolin-3-yl) Pyrazoles

Prabha R. Solanki, Ashish S. Sonar and Krishna N. Wadodkar

ijCEPr, 3(1), 19-23, 2012

Keywords: Microwave, solventfree, condensation, cyclodehydration.

Removal of Nitrite from Polluted Waters using Bio-sorbents derived from Powders of Leaves, Barks or Stems of Some Herbal Plants

M. Suneetha and K. Ravindhranath

ijCEPr, 3(1), 24-34, 2012

Keywords: Nitrites; pollution control; bio-adsorbents.

Regression Analysis of Ground Water of Afzalpur and Jewargi Talukas of Gulbarga District, Karnataka (India)

Srinivas Kushtagi, Padaki Srinivas and S.G. Patil

ijCEPr, 3(1), 35-41, 2012

Keywords: Afzalpur, Jewargi, Groundwater, Regression, Correlation, Physio-chemical.

Effect of Filter Back Wash Water for Removal of Ammonia, Turbidity and Iron by mixing with Source Water

Netra Pal Singh, Suman Sagar and Sulekh Chand

ijCEPr, 3(1), 42-46, 2012

Keywords: Filter backwash water, source water, alum dose, jar test, turbidity, chlorine demand.

Antimicrobial Study of 4-(substituted Phenyl)-1H-Imidazol-2(5H)-One/Thione/Imine

S.G. Dandale, A.S. Sonar and P.R. Solanki

ijCEPr, 3(1), 47-51, 2012

Keywords: Antimicrobial study, cup plate method, seed germination study.

Colour Removal from Textile Industry Wastewater Using Low Cost Adsorbents

Sivakumar Durairaj and Shankar Durairaj

ijCEPr, 3(1), 52-57, 2012

Keywords: Textile Industry Wastewater, Bio-Adsorbents, Process Parameters.

The Use of the Hultemia persica for the Removal of Toxic Metals form Contaminated Soil in Agricultural Land around Aluminum Industrial ComplexInvestigations in Acoustic Parameters of Substituted Thiocarbamidoacetophenones

Sunanda Aswale, Shashikant Aswale and Bhavana Ramteke

ijCEPr, 3(1), 58-63, 2012

Keywords: Ultrasonic velocity, Acoustical properties, Molecular interactions.

Assay of Rifampicin in Bulk and its Dosage Forms by Visible Spectrophotometry using Chloranilic Acid

Elisha Divakar Tella, S. Sunitha, Garikipati. K. Deepthi, T. Benjamin, N. Prasad Babu
and Ch. Shechinah Felice

ijCEPr, 3(1), 64-67, 2012

Keywords: Rifampicin, Spectrophotometer, Chloranilic acid, Electron donor-acceptor complex.

Thermodynamic and Viscous Properties of Cerium Chloride with Aqueous Formic Acid

Neha Shakya, Neelam Shakya, R.S. Gangwar and S.S. Yadav

ijCEPr, 3(1), 68-71, 2012

Keywords: Ultrasonic velocity, Density, Cerium chloride, Aqueous Formic acid.

Molecular Interaction Studies on Ester with Cyclohexane in Alcohol at 303, 308 and 313K

M. Umadevi and R. Kesavasamy

ijCEPr, 3(1), 72-82, 2012

Keywords: Density, Viscosity, Adiabatic Compressibility, Excess values.

Biodegradation of Oil and Diesel Compounds using Soil Isolates and Gravimetric Analysis for Utilization of the Individual Substrates

V.R. Kothari, B.A. Karode and A.H. Jobanputra

ijCEPr, 3(1), 87-95, 2012

Keywords: Biodegradation, Groundnut oil, Diesel oil, Gravimetric Analysis.

Study on the Physico-Chemical and Biological Characteristics of Bhima River in Gulbarga District, Karnataka State, India

Shivasharanappa and Anand Yalakpalli

ijCEPr, 3(1), 96-108, 2012

Keywords: River water, Water quality characteristics, MPN index, Correlation co-efficient, Regression analysis.